CHA Psychiatry

A leader in patient care, teaching and research

Sometimes, life is hard. Knowing where to find help can make all the difference.

At CHA, we care deeply about people and provide support to improve lives. We serve all ages with therapy, group programs, medication management and crisis care, including behavioral health urgent care and overnight hospital care.

New patients (not currently in treatment): Please call the 24-hour Access Line at 833-222-2030. 

CHA mental health patients (currently in treatment): Please visit our outpatient care page. 

CHA primary care patients: For non-urgent needs, please ask your primary care team for a referral to behavioral health.

For urgent needs: Call our 24-hour Access Line at 833-222-2030 or visit our Behavioral Health Urgent Care in Cambridge or Malden. 

About Us

The CHA Department of Psychiatry is a leader in patient care, teaching and research. We play a key role in supporting mental health and strive to provide equity and excellence for every one, every time. 

Improving Mental Health Care in Massachusetts

  • CHA has two new Community Behavioral Health Centers - in Cambridge and Malden. CBHCs provide timely, high quality care for mental health and substance use disorders to help people when and where they need it. 
  • We completed a major expansion of inpatient psychiatry services to help address the statewide shortage of beds and the record levels of emergency department boarding.
  • We have revised our academic programs to teach trainees about contemporary treatment methods and help them succeed, whether they choose careers in hospital care, outpatient care, public health, research or education.

Timeframe of This Work

Transforming our mental health services is a multi-year effort, and the COVID pandemic has brought new challenges. For example, staffing shortages (which have affected hospitals across the U.S.) have temporarily reduced access in some areas. The good news is that CHA has been highly successful in recruiting new providers and we continue to attract applicants from across the nation. As a Community Behavioral Health Center, CHA began offering enhanced outpatient care in January 2023.

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