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We know how scary it can be to worry about breast health. Our goal at CHA is to make things less stressful, easier and more convenient for you.

The Cambridge Breast Center provides a supportive setting where you can get the care you need. Our team gives you expert care and support in a convenient, community hospital setting.

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About the Cambridge Breast Center
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We’re all on the same team - yours

When you visit our center, you will find experts from the fields of surgery, mammography and cancer care (oncology).

Together, we will work to give you quick answers and come up with a plan of care. You will get an exam and you may be referred for additional tests, like a mammogram, MRI or ultrasound. These may be on the same day or over the next few days, right in the same building.

Based on your test results, you may need a biopsy. This involves taking a small sample of breast tissue for testing. Our providers will help you understand your options and recommend the best method for you.

Afterwards, you will meet with your team to review your health needs, answer your questions and create a plan.

If cancer is found, we may recommend surgery as a first step. You may also need medical treatment (chemotherapy or radiation) before or after surgery. We provide chemotherapy at Cambridge Hospital and Everett Hospital. If radiation treatments are needed, we often collaborate with the radiation oncologists at Mount Auburn Hospital.

Assessing your cancer risk

If you have close relatives with breast and/or ovarian cancer, we offer consultation and genetics testing with our High Risk/Cancer Genetics Clinic. Many people who carry a gene that increases the lifetime risk for breast or ovarian cancer are followed by our staff and the genetics clinic and have routine exams at the Breast Center.

Resources and support throughout your journey

We know that a cancer diagnosis can be scary and have a serious impact on your life. As a Cambridge Breast Center patient, you’ll have support throughout your treatment and beyond. Your social worker can connect you with a wide variety of resources, such as cancer support groups, online education and places where you can get things like nutritional counseling, mindfulness and acupuncture.

Your Cambridge Breast Center Healthcare Team

Your Cambridge Breast Center Healthcare Team

Amy Moldrem, MD Director, Cambridge Breast Center

When you have breast disease, you need to find a doctor and care team you can trust. Learn about us and find out why more people are choosing our nationally accredited breast center for care.

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Services We Offer

  • Breast Imaging (Mammography and Breast MRI)
  • Breast Surgery
  • Cancer Care
  • Mental Health Support
  • Plastic Surgery

Conditions We Treat

  • Breast Cancer
  • Non-malignant Breast Disease

Where You Can Find Us


CHA Cambridge Hospital

1493 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139


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