For Older Adults

Programs and services to keep people healthy as they age

Every person is different. We all have different aches and pains, different living situations and different needs. At CHA, you can find health care for adults at all stages of their lives.

Our providers specialize in caring for older adults. This means working with older adults and families to provide the support and care they need to continue living their best life, safely and with the right level of support.

Whether you are working or retired, living at home or in a supportive setting, you can find a program to help with your health.

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"Don't Forget -- Improve your memory"

Wednesday, December 7 at noon

You know you walked into that room for a reason and where did you
put your cell phone anyway? You’re not alone if you’re struggling
with memory lapses. Or, maybe you’re witnessing your loved one
or friend starting to struggle. Find out what’s normal, what may
be more serious and what you can do to improve memory with
CHA Psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Pinals.

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Learn About Cochlear Implants

Getting Cochlear Implants is a journey. Find out from Paige and her CHA doctor, Weiru Shao, MD, PhD, why she chose them and what it has been like for the first few months.

What Will You Find at CHA?

  • Providers who specialize in caring for older adults, including experts in Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Mental Health
  • Programs that support living independently
  • Connections to community resources and social services
  • Social support with activities for older adults
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