Cambridge Integrated Clerkship

In 2004, Harvard Medical School and CHA sparked an international transformation of clinical education when they created the first academic, specialist-based, longitudinal integrated clerkship. This successful redesign of the core clinical year is the HMS-Cambridge Integrated Clerkship or “CIC.”

About the Clerkship

In lieu of short, sequential traditional block rotations, in the longitudinal integrated clerkship model, students follow their “own” cohorts of patients’ year-long in specialty and primary care clinics. Students have heightened and authentic responsibility for providing clinical care, have meaningful roles, and receive direct, personal, faculty supervision in all core disciplines simultaneously.

As students readily achieve all the goals of HMS’s core clinical year, they express high satisfaction and emerge especially prepared for sub-internship, advanced electives, internship, and residency. With refined technical and intellectual clinical training, CIC graduates are outstanding and distinguished physician-scientist-leaders in all specialties.

The success of the CIC is known nationwide and leading institutions have reproduced the model. CIC data is robust and has been published in leading journals. But most importantly is the student experience, support, and success.

The CIC seeks to deliberately foster intellectual curiosity and inspiration through authentic, richly meaningful educational and care engagements with patients and faculty whom the students come to know well over the year. Known as a profound and transformative experience, the CIC is unyielding in its commitment to each student’s success—their development of extraordinary clinical skills and to their individual wellbeing and thriving.

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