Dental Residency

A one year general practice residency program

Welcome to the General Practice Dental Residency 

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CHA is a nationally-recognized healthcare system with two acute care hospitals and one dental practice serving the communities north of Boston, Massachusetts.

Through our many academic programs, and system-wide affiliation with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, we offer a premier learning experience.

Competency and Proficiency Statements

What makes CHA unique?

CHA has a multidisciplinary and diverse staff who are dedicated to our communities and our patient population. Through their efforts, we have developed a program with both exciting and interesting clinical and community learning opportunities.

Over the past two decades, CHA has earned a national reputation for innovation in care. The American Hospital Association recognized CHA for "excellence in community service" in health care. We were one of seven U.S. institutions chosen to participate in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pursuing Perfection program. CHA has been recognized with numerous awards from the National Association of Public Hospitals, including recognition of our culturally competent programs. Our Institute for Community Health provides a focus for relevant research and education.

Thank you again for your interest in our residency. We look forward to working with other professionals that care deeply about improving both their skills and the health of the community.

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