Core Pillars of Wellness

CHA Wellness - Self-Care
A leaf in the shape of a heart represents Self-Care. Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for others. Self-care includes things like emotional support, stress management, and financial wellbeing.

CHA Wellness - Recovery
A tree stump with a new leaf sprouting represents Recovery. Recovery is about giving the body a break from everyday stresses and recharging through activities such as sleep, stretching, and yoga.

CHA Wellness - Movement
Leaves in motion represent Movement. Movement is not just exercise in the traditional sense – it is walking, dancing, biking, gardening, and so much more. Find the form of movement that excites you most.

CHA Wellness - Nutrition
An apple with a leaf represents Nutrition. Nutrition is more than just the food we eat. Nutrition is about our habits and rituals around food, our cultural traditions, and our food preferences.

February 21, 2019